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From container removals, self pack removals, container transport services, event transport, container modifications, container sales, storage, and container hire, we provide a complete end to end service for our customers, which is why we’re known as the first, the biggest and the best self pack interstate removalists in Australia

We are also 100% Australian owned and operated! Plus… we’ve been ranked 37th in the BRW Fast 100, and ranked 7th in the Start up Smart Awards.

Quite simply, because we’ve built a reputation for excellence and personal service You Pack Removals™ has quickly become Australia’s number one residential and commercial self pack interstate removalist of choice when it comes to moving and storing your goods. Please click here to read our customers reviews onYellow pages, Product Review, True Local websites.

Australian owned and operated with over 21 depot locations. We provide free moving insurance worth $250,000 for your move. Read More

A 2012 report found that a full 31% of Australians would move interstate if it meant better wages and work/life balance. With that high percentage, it's no surprise that the Australian removals industry is so robust. But, not all interstate removalists are equal, and it's important to consider your various options for your next move. If you need to hire a removalist, there are two types of services you can arrange. One is a more traditional (and more expensive) removals service. The second is an increasingly popular type of moving called shipping container removals. They are vastly different from each other.

The third type of move which we won't discuss here would be a complete D.I.Y. Keep in mind that while that gives you a lot of flexibility, hiring a moving truck can be expensive and there could be charges for a one-way interstate drop off.

Traditional Removals And Transport:

The more traditional type of removals typically involves engaging a full-service removalist who will pack your belongings and transport them to your destination. They are full-service with a full price tag to match. Some traditional removalists will allow you to do your own packing while they only provide transportation for your things. This type of arrangement, however, can get tricky with insurance coverage and liability if items arrive broken. Be sure to understand the insurance policy and read the fine print. Also, it is critical to know how they determine the costs of your removals. Many removalists charge by the weight as well as labour.

Interstate Shipping Container Transport:

The second type of removals involves shipping container transport. At You Pack Removals, we are leaders in shipping container transport and removals. There is a reason it is a rapidly growing segment of the removals industry. It is typically far less expensive and allows the customer greater flexibility with their removals. Pricing tends to be straightforward, but it is always important that you understand the terms and charges with any removalist.

Container transport means a client will order and receive a shipping container at a predetermined location such as their home or office. The container is delivered straight to you. Most removalists offer various sizes of containers from which you can select what works best for your things.

When you opt to use a shipping container transport removalist, you pack your belongings yourself and load them yourself into the container. The removalist returns to pick up and move the container to another prearranged location. This method of removals allows you, the client, to have complete control over how and when you pack up your belongings.

It also means that you can save money by doing the packing yourself and loading your belongings into the shipping container yourself. Doing this part of the move cuts down significantly on labour costs! For those clients who either don't want to or can't pack or load their belongings themselves, engaging others to handle this part of the move is a viable option.

A New Dimension in Affordable Interstate Container Transport

Getting things from A to B should not really be a complicated process, but the logistics industry in general as evolved over time, adding increasing amounts of complexity along the way.

You Pack Removals is a young but prosperous interstate removalist company with a national network and the ability to move just about anything to just about anywhere. We've already been getting a lot of attention for revolutionizing interstate moving, but now we have adapted our affordable and uncomplicated system to simplify all kinds of container transport.

Using this system makes easy work of moving containers interstate, and you will get peak efficiency with maximum cost savings.

Interstate Transport with Built-In Reliability

The methods we use provide end to end closure of the chain of responsibility, leaving no chance for error. Just for your extra peace of mind, every shipment is fully protected by insurance of $250,000 value at no extra cost to you.

Our interstate transport service is conducted with absolute professionalism. We can supply the container, and we will deliver it up to 24 days prior to your consignment dispatch time, giving you plenty of time to fill it. We will collect it on time and promptly move it to the destination. Once it arrives, you (or the consignee) will again have up to 24 days for unloading before we return to collect the container.

When you are supplying your own container for do it yourself removals, we'll need to verify that it's safe for handling and transport. It's best to arrange for an inspection at least 24 hours prior to your dispatch time. We recommend using our containers.

The Stand Out Among Container Freight Companies

We have taken the mystery out of container freight & logistics, providing a systematic approach to transport that anyone can understand. We've ditched all the industry jargon and created a straightforward way to order your interstate container transport.

Even better, our system is so efficient that we're able to provide deals that are much better value for our customers. If you're feeling sceptical, we invite you to put our claim to the test right now. Get as many quotes as you like from other Australian interstate freight haulers, and not one of them will be able to match our quote.

Plus with industry-leading insurance cover on every shipment, you're getting even more value because you can send things without risk of loss.

We are experts in interstate container movement, so you can count on us to get the job done quickly and safely. We always meet our targets, with goods arriving on time and undamaged. We should mention, however, that our responsibility and your insurance coverage only extends to the portion of time the container is actually in transit. As you'll be responsible for loading and unloading, appropriate care should be taken while carrying out these tasks.

To find out more about our self-pack container removals, simply get in touch with You Pack Removals. We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have and to provide any advice you need.

Contact us today!

You Pack Removals is available to speak with you regarding your removals and how we can assist. We are happy to provide you with more information and details regarding our pricing, services, and where we deliver interstate across Australia. Contact us today!


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