38 of the Coolest Online Guitar Stores to Get a Great Guitar (2023)

7% of the world’s population play the guitar. That’s approximately 50 million people. Mind boggling actually.

It’s estimated that 1.6 to 2.5 million guitars are sold each year. It’s one of the most popular instruments as it’s widely played by people of all ages. It’s much cheaper than a piano (not to mention far more mobile) and people can learn to play simple songs fairly quickly. It also produces a great sound that on its own is sufficient as a musical accompaniment or of course it can be part of a band of instruments or a symphony of instruments.

There is little doubt that online sales of guitars has exploded in recent years. With all the online guitar stores to choose from, your overall selection of guitars is staggering. Our aim here is to put together a concise selection of the best online guitar stores to help with your guitar purchase. Enjoy.

List of stores that sell guitars online

38 of the Coolest Online Guitar Stores to Get a Great Guitar (1)

1. Guitar Center: Guitar Center is one of the largest guitar stores in the world. They have a big collection of guitars, drums, keyboards, studio gear, lighting equipment, basses, and live sound equipment. This store has a broad client base spread across the world due to its extensive connection with globally renowned musical brands. With an extensive collection of quality guitars, this store helps you identify your sound. You will have a chance to see the coolest electric guitar innovations of 2018 such as the Fender Parallel Universe and PRS John Mayer Silver Sky guitars.

2. Norman’s Rare Guitar: A trip to Southern California is never complete without visiting Norman’s Rare Guitars. This store has established a strong online as well as offline presence. They boast an impressive guitar collection, making them a guitar enthusiast’s dream. Some of the best musical instruments available in the shop now include a 1929 Martin 000-45, a marvelous 1955 Stratocaster, and a Stromberg Master 400. The guitar search results are always accurate.

3. Elderly Instruments: Elderly is one of the leading online guitar stores popular among guitarists and established musicians. This over-40-year shop is well known for their rare and extensive inventory, friendly support, and a mobile-friendly website. If you are looking for an affordable used or vintage musical instrument, then Elderly has got you covered. Currently, the shop has stocked 4000 new and over 1300 used/vintage instruments. The best guitar presently in the shop is a 1936 Martin 000-45 and a 1924 Gibson F-5 Lloyd Loar.

4. The Guitar Store: This shop boasts a broad selection of quality guitars. Currently, it has stocked 600 to 700 new pedals, about 100 used pedals, approximately 400 guitars, 40 Ukes, 40 basses, close to 100 amps, and a couple of banjos. The store has collaborated with reputable USA instruments’ builders like PRS, Mesa/Boogies, MR Black, Breedlove, Fender Custom Shop, and many more. They have hospitable staffs, easy-to-navigate site, and reliable shipping procedure.

5. Amazon: Amazon is an ideal option for bargain hunters and the biggest online marketplace with over 200 million items available for sale at all time. They stock a wide array of topnotch and affordable guitars. Amazon is worth checking out since many renowned guitar retailers list their products on it. Also, many wares are listed on the site as the deal of the day. The enormous amount of well-structured product reviews and rating on this site will help you pick a unique yet affordable musical instrument. This online store is popular for its exceptional customer service.

6. Best Buy: This online store carries all leading brands in electronics such as Sony, LG, Apple, Microsoft, and Samsung. They have a vast collection of amazing guitars and a competent customer service team prepared to address all your needs. With unparalleled prices and delivery on the same day for some items, Best Buy is worth checking out.

7. Musician’s Friend: This online store is home to the best guitars and exceptional content to assist you to find the sound you are looking for. They offer free shipping on nearly everything. You will also find guitar effects and amplifiers in this shop. The numerous reviews on every musical apparatus will help you select the instrument that suits your needs. Some of the popular guitars available in this reputable store include Taylor, Fender, and Gibson.

8. World Music Supply: Whether you are searching for electric guitars, guitar amps, or bass guitars, you will find them on this site at a reasonable price. The site carries all the major brands like the Fender guitar. You can also browse their broad inventory to land fantastic deals on quality instruments.

9. Reverb: This renowned online store provides a large collection of used and new guitars. You can easily trace the musical instrument you want by browsing through brands or categories. They also offer well-researched and articulated resources to help you improve your musical abilities.

10. Thunder Road Guitars: The main goal of this online site is to help you identify your special musical voice through used, vintage, and rare guitars. You can access their services and products on a 24/7 basis. Their staffs are friendly and willing to help you buy a music gear that you want.

11. Tundra Music: Tundra has a well-designed, easy-to-navigate website. They allow you to experience one of the biggest collections of Fender guitars. If you have an old music gear that you want to sell, then Tundra will expose to millions of buyers online.

12. Carter Vintage: Just like Thunder Road Guitars, this shop stocks a wide array of used guitars. Expect to see new additions every day you visit this store. They have an ever-changing inventory of more than 1,500 finely used, vintage, and new guitars.

13. Hill Country Guitars: Although their collection is not that big, they stock music gears that cater to the needs of both beginners and professionals. They have a responsive support team that responds to queries quickly.

14. Empire Music: Since opening in 2002, this store has concentrated on delivering excellent online shopping abilities. Today, they have a user-friendly site for helping guitar players improve their skills. Empire Music provides you with vital information about any musical instruments on their website through Skype.

15. Sam Ash: This online store is growing at a rapid rate thanks to their easy-to-use website. Buying products using Sam Ash credit card guarantees you numerous offers. They offer a money back guarantee of 45 days. Additionally, if you identify a lower price from any reputable US vendor within 60 days of buying, they will refund you the difference.

16. Riff City Guitar: Riff City requires you to open an account with them. The store has a large stock of electric and acoustic guitars. Majority of their staffs are local musicians from St. Cloud, MN, who are well versed with all type of musical instruments.

17. Zzounds: Zzounds is among the fastest rising guitar stores in the market today. They add amazing offers on their site on a regular basis. Zzounds Tip: register to get emails from Zzounds and always receive informative content from their gear professionals.

18. Willie’s American Guitars: A debate about guitar stores rarely ends without somebody mentioning Willie’s shop. They have more than 600 guitars. They also stock finely used and vintage musical instruments.

19. Pittsburgh Guitars: Real guitar players armed with unparalleled experience operate this online retailer. They understand and respect the steps that buyers follow when acquiring new instruments. They leverage their experience to enlighten buyers on the ideal guitar to purchase.

20. Newegg: Just like Amazon, this reputable retailer stocks almost every product. They have one of the user-friendly websites in the market. They have bagged many awards for their unparalleled services. They strive to be the most reliable online retailers. Newegg Tip: type the name and model of the guitar you need on the site’s search tab and hit the search button.

21. eBay: This auction style marketplace stocks various types of new, vintage, and moderately used guitars. The product descriptions and reviews available on this site can help you purchase the correct gear even in other sites. eBay Tip: Before bidding for any item, go through the sold listings for the same product to find out its previous cost. That way, you will quickly come up with a reasonable, rough estimate of the cost.

22. Walmart: The Walmart site gives you more opportunities to buy products at affordable costs compared to even your local store. They have innovative services like photo ordering that enable you to get Walmart’s products from your local store.

23. Strings and Beyond: This top-rated retailer is a great place to search for strings for old or finely used guitar. They are fast, easy, and courteous. They have strings and accessories for nearly all types of guitars existing in the market.

24. The Guitar Shoppe: This trustworthy online shop has both new and used guitars. They add new products and offers on a daily basis. Consider signing up with them to receive notifications when new products arrive.

25. Ed Roman Guitars: This is another big and reliable guitar resource. They are the leading vendors of custom-made electric guitars in Las Vegas. They also have a massive global presence. Edroman guitars provide useful content that helps guitarists grow their talents.

26. N Stuff Music: This family owned business has been on the market for more than 45 years. It sells all kinds of new and used musical gears. They are available 24/7, allowing you to browse, compare, and buy everything you want from their website any time.

27. Walt Grace Vintage: Walt is a relatively new guitar shop that continues to create a buzz in the online world. Walt stocks classic drool-worthy guitars together with high-end collectible cars. The retailer always has over 100 vintage guitars. The coolest instruments you will find in Walt Grace include the Les Paul Custom and a 1964 Sunburst Stratocaster.

28. Music Villa: Founded back in the 1970s, Music Villa is a special guitar oasis. They specialize in selling rare and custom guitars. They easily pass as the most entertaining online store due to their online videos that consist of their reality show and The Acoustic Letter.

29. Fuller’s Guitar: Well known for amazing deals and an outstanding selection, the celebrated Fuller’s Guitar has been helping Texas-based guitar lovers for more than 20 years. Check out this store for new and affordable designs.

30. Wildwood Guitars: This shop may be seemingly small, but it has a humongous inventory of wonderful guitars coupled with superb customer service. Renowned for their hands-on approach, Wildwood has a talent for connecting players with the right guitars. Each instrument has its serial number, allowing you to select exactly what you are looking for.

31. Chicago Music Exchange: Based in Chicago, IL, Chicago Music Exchange has around 2,000 musical instruments in stock. At this shop, you will experience an unparalleled assortment of new and old guitars. Regularly visit their site to avoid mission out on important deals.

32. Guitar Stop: They started as a brick & motor store in Cambridge, MA, back in 1962. Later on, they expanded their business into the digital world. Currently, they specialize in electric, bass, and acoustic guitars. They also sell Ukuleles and Mandolins. They have partnered with internationally renowned brands like Grestch, Seagull, Traveler, Fender, Ibanez, and Cordoba.

33. CBD Guitar Store: Located in Shandong China, this new store boasts a matchless collection of modern and vintage guitars. Their website is comprehensible and displays high-quality images.

34. Rogue Music: They specialize in selling and buying old or used musical instruments. Guitarists who are interested in vintage gears will find this retailer valuable. They have a secure online payment system that makes serving their customers easier. They have established a comprehensive library of manuals for finely used, exotic, and old gear.

35. S7G USA: This vendor designs unique guitars and basses used by professional musicians across the globe. They have several authorized S7G dealer shops throughout the globe. If you want a guitar customized according to your preferences, then S7G USA is the right place for you.

36. West Music: With outstanding customer service along with a broad range of musical apparatus, West Music is a trustworthy go-to online vendor. They also sell classroom furniture and equipment. If you don’t have enough money to buy a guitar, you can rent it from this shop. West Music Tip: subscribe to their newsletter to get updates before new products are loaded to the site.

37. Savino Music: This online Flamenco and Classical guitar retailer based in Miami, FL, stocks unique instruments perfect for collectors, musicians, and connoisseurs. Expect to find Alhambra, Kenny Hill, Jose Ramirez, Paulino Bernabe, and Manuel Contreras guitars in this shop.

38. Firehouse Guitars: This store started operating in 1997 out a small shop based in Grand Rapids, Michigan known as Firehouse Guitars. Within a few years, the store grew to become an authority in the distribution of quality musical instruments. Today, they have built a strong online business that serves the ever-growing online clients. They are reliable vendors of used gears. They also maintain a vast line of topnotch gears for rental purposes.

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